Dogs are naturally inquisitive and and this is the reason why they are so susceptible to  snakebite. They just can't resist having a look (and maybe find something to eat) and why face bites are very common.  With snakes on the move from early Spring through summer and into Autumn dogs are at risk.  Late Spring and early Autumn are high risk times as snakes spend a lot of time on roads, near rockeries and pathways where they use the extra heat to warm up their bodies.  They are active is the summer of course but less likely to be encountered out in the open sun bathing as their body temperature is more stable.
The two most dangerous snakes in our region are the Tiger and Dugite.  Both Elapid varieties (related to Cobras) with very toxic poison.  The venom attacks both their circulatory and nervous system as well as destroying vital organs and other tissue at the same time.
Treatment by a vet is very expensive.  Vet fees for snake bite start from about $2000 (payable up front before treatment begins).  Repeated doses of antivenom may be required as well as extended hospitalisation and the costs begins to spiral.  Many dogs do not survive the treatment and if they do they may be permanently disabled due to the effects of the poison.  Pet insurance is great but you may still have to cover the first 20% or more of the total cost.
Training your dog to avoid snakes is a simple economical way to help protect your faithful pooch from snakebite. I can conveniently train your dog at your home usually within a hour on several different locations on your property.   We use an electronic training collar activated by remote and real snakes (dead ones of course) as well as artificial ones (they both work well).
It really works
Even after the first training session your dog will not go anywhere near the snake.  If led on a leash towards the snake they forcefully resist and become upset at the thought of getting too close.  If addition force is used they usually lay down as a last resort to avoid approaching the snake.
The total cost is only $150 inclusive for entire training session.  The videos listed on this page show just how effective the avoidance training can be. Call me on 0415 618 326 anytime to protect your dog from deadly snakebite.

This is Wally.  He loves to chase snakes and is lucky to still be here.  This video is his first lesson.

This is Wally after his lesson.  Does not want the snake now!

Wilder getting aggressive with a snake, first exposure

Wilder meets a snake after one lesson

Check out Wilder's reaction.  Definitely gone off snakes.

This Kelpie refuses to approach the snake after one lesson.