The Nullaki and Wolfes Landing Eco Retreats Information Pack 

POSSUM VIDEO (The Nullaki Eco Retreat property only)
View our friendly possum video online on YouTube click here:
They will be regular visitors on your deck most evenings and are very friendly.  They don't mind a gentle tickle behind the ears or a pat but do not hand feed them.  They are willing to take food from you but often mistake a finger for something edible.

MAP AND TRAVEL GUIDE (download, print it and be sure to bring it with you)
A map is provided on the last page of this information pack. It covers most of your journey once you reach the Mount Barker via Albany Highway. Follow the map and directions and go directly to the Nullaki /Wolfes Landing Eco Retreat properties. We suggest that you plan your departure to arrive as early as 2:00 PM having nearly half a day to get settled in.

A one of cleaning of $30 is added to the itinerary cost if you book with us directly either by phone, online via our Denmark and Albany Holidays website or with AIRbnb, Homeaway, Stayz, or Agoda. Any reservations made via Booking.Com or Expedia will have the cleaning fee added to the itinerary cost after the reservation has been confirmed.

Please be aware that your pet fee and any outstanding accommodation fees must be paid in cash upon arrival and is a condition of entry unless alternative arrangements are agreed to beforehand.

GPS AND INTERNET MAPPING SYSTEMS (we recommend you use Google Maps)
Just enter Wolfes Landing Eco retreat into your Google Maps search window and it will guide you to our front gate.  Ensure you go via Eden Rd, not Lake Saide Rd (see below).
Some GPS maps do not show our road location or name correctly. Some are a bit better than others but there are so many different systems in use that guaranteeing their reliability is not possible. Just ensure that whatever guidance system you use to find us be sure to approach us via Eden Rd. Do not allow it to bring you here via Lake Saide Rd. You will end up on a 4WD track and possibly lost. Study and use the map attached to the last page of this brochure. Best of all just enter Eden Rd Youngs Siding and follow the map directions to Wolfes Pump Rd. It turns off to the left after the second bridge (it has new metal railings on both sides). Ensure you follow Eden Rd where it turns left at the Marbellup Farm gate. There are signs for the Blueberry Farm as well to guide you and if you end up there you have missed the Wolfes Pump Rd turnoff a few metres back.

We usually meet our guests in person but if not your accommodation will be prepared, the front door unlocked and the door keys will be in the house on the breakfast bar or kitchen table. In the unlikely event this arrangement changes we will notify you well beforehand.

Check in time is from or after 2:00 PM but not later than 6 PM.
Please assist us and advise us beforehand of your intended time of arrival. If you are delayed a text message or phone call advising us of any changes would be appreciated. If you wish to arrive earlier let us know in advance and we will endeavor to have you accommodation ready when needed.

Check out time is at 10AM on the day of your departure.
It is important that you advise us no later than the previous evening of your intended departure time and if you wish to leave any earlier. We are flexible to a point and if you require a little more time either way we will be happy to arrange it where possible.

Your holiday home will be inspected prior to your departure. Please do not depart before your property inspection has taken place. It is in your own interests to be present during your property inspection so that in the unlikely event of any contentious issues arising they can be resolved while you are present.
Prior to checking out, please cooperate by ensuring that all kitchen refuse is placed in the bin outside the house and that your washing up is done and put away.

You are required to sign a credit card pre-authorisation form on arrival (the same process used in all hotels and motels.  Please note that we will debit a guests credit card in the case of neglect or willful damage but only after establishing the facts as to responsibility. We will not debit a guests card account without their knowledge.

If you are bringing a pet or pets please note that a one of Pet Fee of $30 per dog is payable in cash on arrival (see Pet Rules below).

When you arrive at the T junction of the South Coast Highway and the road from Mt Barker, Denmark is only 3 kilometres away on your right. This is the time to top up on your provisions as there is a large IGA supermarket in the centre of town on your right halfway up the hill and a smaller IGA Express on your right as you pass over the bridge into town.

The Youngs Siding General Store is only 2 kilometres further down on the Lower Denmark Rd where you can top up with groceries, liquor and fuel if necessary). Opening hours are 6AM to 6PM in the winter and until 7PM in the summer. Check your map for directions.

LPG gas and a solar water system provide the energy to heat your water. LPG also fuels your kitchen stove. If your gas bottle runs out and there is no one on the property to assist with the change over simply switch the selector valve to the standby bottle and reverse the isolating valve positions.

Please wrap and securely bag all kitchen and other waste using the kitchen bin tidy and the bin bags supplied before placing them in the wheelie bin adjacent to the house. As we are rural, we have to dispose of our rubbish ourselves. Therefore we urge you NOT TO PLACE LOOSE RUBBISH ITEMS IN THE WHEELIE BIN (especially babies nappies). Additional kitchen bin tidy bags are kept in the top drawer near the sink. Recyclables such as glass and aluminium or steel cans and cardboard should be placed in empty cartons or similar and left outside next to the wheelie bin. Please ensure all members of your party are aware of this requirement, especially children.

Please do not re-arrange the furniture or beds locations.  Dragging leather lounge suites around the rooms scratches the flooring and has resulted in torn leather and stitching as well resulting in very expensive repairs.

We clean our holiday homes thoroughly before each guest arrival. If you find that we have missed something or you would like something changed please advise us. We are happy to assist.  If you find something that does not work as it should such as loose hinges or faulty globes please let us know so we can repair or replace them.

We use a septic tank based toilet and waste water system.  It is very important to ensure that personal hygiene items, paper towels, wet wipes ans similar products are not flushed down the toilets.  Just the three P's please.  It is not hard to work out what they are.  If you are not sure just ask. If the toilet plumbing becomes blocked during your stay and it has been caused by any of the above the repair costs will be debited from your security deposit.  It usually costs in the region of $4 - 500 to have that done.

Instructions for operating the wood heaters are provided in the Wood Heater Users Manuals in both holiday houses. It is not necessary to chop your own firewood except for a little kindling to start your fire as cut firewood is provided. Wood heater use is not permitted during the warmer months due to local bushfire restrictions. Do not permit children to use the wood axe or to have access to the wood heater at any time.

There are a number of basic conditions that must be met and we have introduced these pet rules after more than 10 years of trying to please everybody.

1. A Pet Fee of $30.00 per pet is payable in addition to the Security Deposit (see above) and is a condition of entry.
2. Only one dog is permitted without prior consultation.
3. For safety reasons aggressive dogs are not permitted, especially American Pit Bulls. If your dog is liable to threaten or bite any person or animal you should not bring it with you. All dogs admitted must be adequately socialised so as not to pose a public risk.
4. All dogs must be under effective control by their owners.
5. All dog droppings shall be collected by the owners and placed in the recycling facility adjacent to each house (these will be shown to you on arrival). No doggy bags in our bins please.
6. We permit dogs in the house during the evening where necessary but strictly not on the furniture, in the bedrooms or anywhere upstairs.  Wolfes Landing has an upper mezzanine floor protected by a secure child and pet proof gate top and bottom.
7. Remember to bring your own pet food, water bowls and pet bedding with you.
8. STRICTLY NO DOGS LEFT IN THE HOUSE (see above). It is forbidden to leave any pet unattended in either of our holiday houses at any time.

We are pet friendly, but to a point. In our view it is unreasonable to keep your pet indoors most of the time, for both the dog and us. The house accommodation we provide is intended primarily for our human guests, but we do allow pets to be kept inside the house providing our pet rules are observed. Therefore we encourage you to allow your pet the freedom of the outdoors where possible. There is plenty of room to run and exercise. If you have any issues regarding this please raise them with us, we are happy to assist where possible.

PET ENCLOSURE (day use only)
A secure and weather proof pet enclosure is provided to accommodate your pet if you need to go to a restaurant, National Park or similar. It is suitable for up to a day if needed and all they need is some food and water and their favourite bed to snooze on. Please inquire if you intend to use this service and we will keep an eye on your dog while you are away if needed.

An emergency evacuation plan and procedure is posted in the kitchen of both holiday homes.

There are some great shore based rock and beach fishing spots close to Wolfes Landing, Anvil Beach and Cosy Corner near Torbay as well as the Prawn Rock Channel at the end of Ocean beach Rd to mention a few. Extreme caution should be exercised when rock fishing as large waves can be very hazardous at times. There is ample safe fishing for families and children at the mouth of the Denmark River at the end of Ocean Beach Rd, Denmark. We are happy to advise you of alternative fishing sites. All you need to do is ask.

We expect you will catch a nice feed of fish while you are here and if you do please ensure you scale and clean them before returning.

The use of mosquito coils and candles is strictly prohibited inside or outside the house due to extreme the risk of fire, especially where children are concerned.

There are many amazing and beautiful locations and beaches to visit nearby. It is advisable to check out the Albany and Denmark Visitors Centres.  There are a number of tourist venue brochures in the kitchen drawers or living room bookcase. We are also happy to offer advice if needed.

Both Wolfes Landing and The Nullaki Eco Retreats
In order to ensure your beds and bedding setup suits the requirements for your chosen holiday house (two properties available) please consider the following:
Unless notified otherwise we ordinarily we consider a booking for two to be for partners who will share one of our double beds (STANDARD BED SETUP). If This is not suitable please advise us of your preference. If you have additional guests who may wish to have a private room with either a double or single bed advise us of this also. We often host non family guest groups who have individual privacy needs at bedtime.  Any last minute changes to bed and bedroom arrangements will incur a fee.

Wolfes Landing Eco Retreat: STANDARD BED SETUP
1. There are two bedrooms on the ground floor. One has two single beds and the other a double bed (queen size).
Upstairs: The Master Bedroom has a double bed (queen size). There is also a double sofa bed in the adjoining Sun Room.
Babies and Infants: We provide drop side and porta-cots for your little ones.
There are also an additional two single folding beds we use to accommodate an extra two guests.
Accommodation limit: 8 - 10 guests.

The Nullaki Eco Retreat: STANDARD BED SETUP
The Master bedroom has a double bed (queen size), a single trundle bed stored underneath and a porta-cot.
The second bedroom has three single beds
The Living room has a double sofa bed.

Please be sure to notify us if you require changes to our standard bed setup at least one day prior to your arrival.
Please sleep between the two sheets provided on each bed, not on top of them.

BED WETTERS (very important)
I anyone in your accommodation group is liable wet the bed it is imperative that you advise us beforehand. We will supply you with mattress liners upon request.

We provide for all of your bedroom and kitchen needs as well as hand wash lotion, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. A small quantity of laundry detergent is also provided for your personal use. They are provided in large 1L containers so please do not take them with you when you leave.

Your own personal toiletries, food, condiments etc... There is usually a variety of non perishable food stuffs left behind by previous guests. You are welcome to use them if they are there and of course leave your own when you leave to save throwing good food in the bin.

Our tariff structure is based on a pay per person basis per night. The first two guests pay a set amount and additional guests each pay a reduced rate. Paying for extra guests who were not part of the original booking or who are visitors staying overnight is the responsibility of the Key Holder (the person who made the booking). Additional guests at any time are welcome if there is room but the Key Holder will be required to advise us and pay the appropriate accommodation rate beforehand.

During the summer months there is a risk of bush fires in our area. To ensure that our guests have adequate information to safely leave the property if needed we have prepared an evacuation plan. It is displayed prominently in both holiday homes. It is also available on our website using the link below.

Bush Fire Plan Link:

If you need any additional information prior to starting your holiday please
ring us on 0415 618 326 or email us at

We trust you will enjoy your holiday and look forward to meeting you soon.


John and Valerie Cullen
Denmark And Albany Holidays