There a a couple of ways to find your way to your holiday destination.  We are located in a beautiful country setting on the Nullaki Peninsula between Denmark and Albany only minutes from our spectacular coastline. Please read the information provided below to ensure you can find us easily.  It may save from getting lost.

Option 1
On confirmation of your booking and completion of the payment process you will be offered to access our online Nullaki-Wolfes Landing Eco Retreat Information Pack (it applies to both holiday homes). It is a PDF based document and you can download it and print a copy to bring it with you on your trip.  I contains a host of helpful information as well as our Pet Rules (for those bringing a pet) and your Check In and Out times. Please advise us if you prefer this option.
Option 2

You may wish to use your in-car GPS navigator or your smart phone to find your way.  If so please be aware that your GPS may guide you via the wrong approach road.  If your in-car navigator or phone directs you to approach via Lake Saide Rd DO NOT FOLLOW IT.  Ensure that you approach via Eden Rd (very important).  You will find our road (Wolfes Pump Rd) turn off to the left just before the Blueberry Farm.  Follow Wolfes Pump Rd and within a couple of minutes you will arrive at the property entrance (No 74).  It is well signed so you cannot miss it.  You will find it easier just to enter Eden Rd, Youngs Siding in Western Australia into your in-car navigator and turn off into Wolfes Pump Rd when you reach it. It is just past a small bridge with new metal side railing and is clearly sign posted.

Option 3
#Please Note:
If you do not have an in-car navigator or smart phone Eden Rd can be easily found.  When you approach via The South Coast Hwy from either direction turn into The Lower Denmark RD (sign posted).  Immediately (within a hundred metres) turn right into Eden Rd and follow the instructions above.

If you need any further advice prior to receiving your information pack you may phone or email us at any time.  Please note that check limit time is normally 6PM.  Late check ins may be arranged but we need to be informed beforehand.  If you get lost in spite of this ring or text me anytime and I will be happy to assist.  Unadvised late check ins may incur a fee.

Ring John or Valerie on 0415 618 326
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